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The Clinical Health Psychology Centre was established in 2009. We now have 2 full-time clinical health psychologists, who have extensive experience in serving patients in a general hospital setting. Consultation services are provided at both the Hospital  and the Central Clinic. 

About Clinical Health Psychology
Clinical Health PsychologyPhysical health is intimately linked with mental well-being and vice versa. Confronting major illnesses with (real or potential) loss of functions is a highly stressful experience for even the most robust person. Staying in hospital and afflicted with physical malaise inevitably brings much uncertainty, anxiety, worries, demoralisation and adverse anticipation. Compounded by lack of information, pains, symptoms, and taxing hospital procedures, the illness experience not uncommonly precipitates intense emotional reactions, which may further aggravate the pre-existing illness.

Likewise, chronic stresses and emotional malaise aggravates a person's vulnerability for impaired functioning. Work, family and interpersonal stresses; issues with studying, child discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence; thwarted goals and disappointment; coping with adversities are all common life experience which, if handled ineffectively, may lead to adverse physical and mental health.

Clinical health psychological services are aimed towards alleviating stress and distress, building resilience and personal resources in coping with illnesses as well as  inevitable stresses and strains in life. State-of-the-art clinical psychological diagnosis and treatment procedures are tailor-made to promote recovery, positive emotions and a fulfilling life.

Clinical Health Psychologists

Dr. Lee Wing Ho, Peter, PhD

Dr. LEE Wing Ho, Peter, Ph.D.

Director, Clinical Health Psychology Centre
Clinical Psychologist
Health Psychologist
Honorary Consultant in Clinical Psychology
Honorary Professor, Department of Psychiatry (HKU)
Honorary Professor, Department of Psychology (HKU)

• B.Soc.Sc.(HK)
• M.Soc.Sc. (Clin.Psy.,HKU)
• Ph.D. (HK)
• Chartered Clinical Psychologist, BPS (UK), HCPC (UK)
• Chartered Health Psychologist, BPS (UK), HCPC (UK)
• Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society

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Dr. Fung Shuk Man, Amy, PhD

Dr. FUNG Shuk Man, Amy, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Clinical Health Psychology Centre
Clinical Psychologist
Health Psychologist
Honorary Consultant in Clinical Psychology
Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Psychology (HKU)

• M. Soc. Sc. (Clin.Psy.,HKU)
• Ph.D. (HK)
• Chartered Clinical Psychologist, BPS (UK), HCPC (UK)
• Chartered Health Psychologist, BPS (UK), HCPC (UK)
• Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society

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Our Services

Clinical Health Psychology
To cater to different needs of patients, we offer a wide range of services to individuals of all ages. Services are tailored for the unique problems presented by patients, who may be facing problems in dealing with the treatment options or demands, or having mood disturbances and difficulties in adjusting to acute, chronic or life-threatening illnesses or traumatic injuries.

Besides, we offer psychological health assessments and interventions for a number of common health issues, e.g. insomnia, stress, pain and mood problems, as well as personal coaching service on request. We provide evaluation of health issues of concern, consultation on personality and vocational profile assessment, and offer sound advice and guidance that aim towards better career and life quality improvement. All in all, augmentation of strengths and resilience is aimed for therapeutic approaches to alleviate psychological symptoms and contain personal vulnerabilities.

The forms of assessment, therapy and intervention vary depending on the initial diagnosis and meticulous formulation of problems and goals. In general, our scope of services includes the following:

Psychological assessment constitutes the cornerstone of all psychological work as the information obtained from the carefully conducted diagnostic process will determine the treatment plan and goals. Psychological assessment includes:
  • Psycho-diagnostic interviews
  • Cognitive / intellectual assessments
  • Neuropsychological assessments of brain functions and competence
  • Personality assessments
  • Mood assessments
  • Pre-procedural psychological assessments for specific medical or surgical procedures 
In-depth clinical psychometric assessments on emotions, personality, vocational interests, psychopathology, cognition, intelligence, memory, learning, aptitudes and neuropsychological functioning are also provided by the Centre.

The Centre also provides a "Mental Health Assessment and Advice Package" to people who may have concerns about their mental health. The package includes an individually tailored assessment on specific areas of emotional well-being and a consultation session with a Clinical Health Psychologist.

Psychological intervention aims at facilitating illness-related decision-making and problem-resolution, augmenting coping skills, and enhancing adjustment outcomes. Areas of our intervention include management of the following conditions:
  • Illness-related anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Adjustment problems related to major illness, surgeries, cancer, trauma, chronic pain, chronic illness, physical handicap, and other limitations
  • Mood disturbances, e.g. anxiety, depression, sleep problem and other mood disorders
  • Promotion of better sleep, relaxation and restfulness
  • Promotion of harmonious relationship and open communication between patient and carers
For specific age groups, we also offer the following psychological services:

For children
Psychological services for children include promotion of children's mental and emotional well-being; assessment and management of learning difficulties; enhancement of school adjustment, and alleviation of discipline, interpersonal, conduct and emotional adjustment problems.

For women
Psychological services for women aim at helping women resolve physical and psychological health issues, providing advice and assistance that promote success and fulfillment, and enhancing problem resolution and adjustments at difference stages of their lives.

For the elderly
Psychological services cater to improving the adjustment and life quality of the elderly. It also aims at promoting life satisfaction and helping the elderly attain better adjustment to physical changes and cognitive decline, as well as satisfactory resolution of personal and family issues in late age.

For special populations
Special populations include psychologically and physically traumatised individuals and patients with brain injuries and damage. Those in need of neuropsychological rehabilitation will also benefit from the professional psychological services provided by the Centre.

For cancer patients
Our Centre works in close collaboration with the Comprehensive Oncology Centre to enhance the coping skills of cancer patients. Monthly psycho-educational talks will be delivered to patients and their carers. A free session is also offered on request to individuals in need during the treatment period.

For more information on psychological support for cancer patients, please go to the website of Comprehensive Oncology Centre.

For family members
Advice and support for family members are also important to relieve caregivers' stress and improve understanding and foster communication with the patients.

The Centre provides psychological advice and support service to the staff members of the Hospital as well as conducts periodic training courses on psychological topics of clinical and personal interests.

The psychologists of the Centre take on honorary professorships of The University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, who provide undergraduate and post-graduate training inputs in medical and clinical psychology education.

In addition, we provide regular training, advice and supervision for clinical psychologists working in the community for bettering their diagnostic and clinical skills.

Positive Psychology
Apart from curbing symptoms, stresses and problems, there is a growing amount of scientific literature indicating that much can be done to improve a person's sense of fulfillment, happiness and quality of life. A positive approach is also adopted by the Centre with a strong emphasis on improving resilience at the same time that treatments are provided to relieve physical and psychological symptoms.

In summary, the Centre offers psychological treatment services for a full range of illness-related anxiety and stress management; adjustment problems related to major illnesses, surgeries, cancer and trauma; chronic pain; chronic illnesses; physical handicaps and limitations; alleviation of anxiety, depression, sleep and other mood-related disorders. The psychologists also provide psychoeducation, advice and support for the patient's family members.

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For enquiries and appointments, please contact us at:
Clinical Health Psychology Centre 
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