Led by experienced otolaryngologists with advanced facilities, Li Shu Pui ENT Head & Neck Surgery Centre provides a wide spectrum of examinations, diagnostic services and treatments for patients.

Cochlear implantations are performed for both adults and children by our professional team of experienced otolaryngologists, an audiologist and allied health personnel in a one-stop fashion from diagnosis, treatment, surgery to rehabilitation. Patients with snoring or sleep apnea can also undergo assessment in our Centre and receive appropriate treatment.

In addition to general ENT examinations, our Centre provides screening and treatment of head and neck cancer, with a particular focus on tumours in nasal cavity, sinuses, skull base, oral cavity, tongue, soft palate, hard palate, salivary gland, pharynx, larynx and thyroid. We also pioneer in the maxillary swing approach to the central skull base for adequate removal of recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma and other tumours in the vicinity. Other services include diagnosis and treatment of different types of neck masses or lymph node diseases.

Our Centre also has established the Hearing and Dizziness Laboratory, which provides consultation for patients with hearing problems/dizziness. Hearing aid prescription service is also available.

Our Services

Scope of Services of Li Shu Pui ENT Head & Neck Surgery Centre
  • ENT Diseases
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Oral Cancer
  • Salivary Gland Cancer/Masses
  • Thyroid Gland Cancer/Masses
  • Lymph Node Masses in the Neck
  • Screening of Nasopharyngeal Cancer
  • Screening of Larynx Cancer
  • Cochlear Implantation
  • Sleep Apnea Assessment

Services Provided by the Hearing and Dizziness Laboratory
  • Vestibular & Dizziness Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Hearing Aid
  • Earmould
  • Cochlear Implant & Implantable Prosthesis
  • Speech Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Otoacoustic Emissions Test
  • Auditory Evoked Potentials
  • Facial Nerve Assessment
  • Facial Nerve Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular Assessment

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