Sleep Posture during Pregnancy - Dr. CHAN Woon Tong, Joseph

Q1. Is it better to sleep on the side during pregnancy?
Most expectant mothers learn on the Internet that they should sleep on the left side without knowing why. So is it a must during pregnancy? As we all know, when the baby grows inside the mother’s womb, When the mother lies down, it will put pressure on the blood vessels along the back, reducing blood supply to the uterus and the baby.

Therefore it’s always better to sleep on the side. It relieves pressure on the blood vessels along the back.

Q2. Do I need to sleep on the left side?
Let’s take a closer look. In the left back is the aorta. The vena cava is on the right. The aorta is less likely to bear pressure than the vena cava. Thus it’s better to sleep on the left than on the right side. But in reality the difference is small. You don’t need to worry if you find yourself sleeping on the right side at midnight. There is only a small difference between left and right. 

There wasn’t much concern about lying flat or sleeping on the side, left or right. Most babies just turned out to be normal and very healthy back then. And for those who were barely so, there is a difference between different sleep postures. All in all, there is no need for undue concern.

Q3. What is the best sleep posture?
Try to use a pillow to elevate your right side, slightly incline towards the left. It supports the baby and is good for its health.
Here I would like to remind all mothers to take care of themselves and their babies.

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