Can I try natural delivery if I had previous caesarean birth? - Dr. CHAN Woon Tong, Joseph

Q1. What are the risks of having a vaginal birth after caesarean section?
There must be some reasons for your prior delivery by cesarean section. If you want to try vaginal birth this time, please first consult your OG specialist.

There is a certain risk if you have wounds in the uterus. Before you try vaginal birth, your doctor will first learn about the reasons for your pervious cesarean section, and see if the same reasons mayoccur this time .Otherwise you may be allowed to try vaginal birth. Also it’s important to know if there were any complications back then, especially wound infection. The risk increases if the uterine wound doesn’t heal well.  

As you need to be aware, vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section does come with risks.

Q2. How is vaginal delivery arranged?
To reduce risk, labour induction is usually not conducted. Labour induction is the process of artificially stimulating childbirth and delivery. And if one fails to give birth despite uterine contraction, the wound might tear. Delivery is not expedited if the contractions are weak and irregular. Wound tear may occur if one fails to give birth.

Thus it must be understood that trial of vaginal birth after a previous caesarean section may fail.

You should beware of the risk of wound tear, follow your doctor’s advice and have cesarean section whenever necessary. If you really want to have natural birth, you must know the risks involved.

Here I would like to remind all mothers to take care of themselves and their babies.

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