What's New

What's New

  • 2009-04-23
    (27 April 2009, Hong Kong) With the pursuit of “Quality in ServiceExcellence in Care”, ‧ Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) is committed to providing quality health care services to people in Hong Kong and all parts of the world. Not only do staff members of HKSH devote themselves to health care profession, but they also devote efforts to community services at leisure...
  • 2009-04-22
    (21 April 2009, Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (HKSH) today introduced the latest addition to its leading diagnosis capabilities – the High Definition (HD) CT technology of the GE Discovery CT750 HD scanner. HKSH is the first hospital in Asia to adopt the Discovery CT750 HD scanner.

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  • 2009-01-02 Public - Private Interface Electronic Radiological Records Sharing Pilot Project - First in HK

    With the ground-breaking "Public - Private Interface - Electronic Radiological Records Sharing Pilot Project", Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital ("HKSH") can now transfer patients' data to the Hospital Authority's (HA) Electronic Patient Records (ePR) System for authorized viewing at HA hospitals.

    Starting from 2 January 2009, this project is the very first...

  • 2009-05-03
    (5 March 2009, Hong Kong) Hong Kong Sanatori um & Hospital (HKSH) launches today the comprehensive sports medicine services. The se rvices are provided by a team of specialists, including orthopaedic surgeons, cardiopulmonary physicians, physioth erapists, trainers, dietitians and orthotists in a pleasant and ambient enviro nment. Through the deployment of advanced...