Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance Notice to Patient

Please read this notice before you provide any personal data to HKSH Medical Group Limited (“Group”) and any of its members including Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, medical centres of HKSH Healthcare and affiliates.

As your doctors/nurses/healthcare providers, we may ask you to provide your personal data (including health information) or obtain from any appropriate third party regarding your medical history and any relevant information for your health care purposes and/ or generally for medical care and treatment purposes and/or for the purposes stated below.

When you provide personal data to us, please make sure that the data is accurate and complete. If you do not provide us with the information required or if the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, our ability to provide appropriate health care to you may be affected.

Please note that your personal data may be made available to:
  • Your attending doctors and authorised staff of the Group to access and view your medical records under HKSH Joint Medical Record (For details, please refer to the Information Sheet for the Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data and HKSH Joint Medical Record); or
  • Other doctors/health care providers who require it for purposes related to your health care: or
  • The Court if ordered or subpoenaed by the Court, or to such other persons as we are required by law; or
  • Related parties for billing and accounting purposes of the Group.
If you wish to access and/or correct your personal data under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, please contact our staff member during office hour: Admission Office of the Hospital at Ground Floor of Central Block; or send email to Health Record Unit of HKSH Medical Group (, subject to a reasonable fee.