Caesarean Section and Future Childbirth


Q1. When should I have another baby after caesarean section?
It differs from person to person. Most mothers learn from the internet that they should wait for a few years after their first caesarean sections. In fact, it depends on how the caesarean section was performed back then.

Q2. What factors are considered?
For example, if the previous birth took a long time, like 10, or even 15 hours, the uterus might have become thinner and thinner. As the wound might not heal well, you may need to wait longer to get pregnant again. Some mothers opted for, or went straight to caesarean section without labour induction. The wound might heal better without complications, such as inflammation, postpartum haemorrhage. The wound usually healed very well. They can get pregnant again at an earlier time, e.g. when without contraception, or 6 months after the previous birth. Of course, after the first birth, most families may plan to have another baby later, possibly 1 to 3 years after the previous birth.

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