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Dr. Li Shu Fan

Dr. Li Shu Fan was elected as the Chairman of Board of Directors as well as the Superintendent of the Hospital in 1926, a crucial time to reorganise and expand the hospital facilities after a major landslip occurred the year before. He started to perform a series of major operations and this brought a medical breakthrough in the local Chinese community, in which people still resorted to Chinese herbal or superstitious practice for treatment of diseases.

After the Sino-Japanese war ended in 1945, Dr. Li Shu Fan returned from Mainland and resumed his office as the Superintendent and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He initiated major repairs to the structures and purchased items essential for basic medical services. Under his leadership, the Hospital managed to re-establish its services shortly, heed public concern and initiate further expansion of its workforce, hospital space and medical services.

Dr. Li Shu Fan retired from medical practice in 1958, but remained as devoted as ever to the development of the Hospital. He continued as the Chairman of Board of Directors and Superintendent of the Hospital, attending to every detail relating to the Hospital in person until he passed away in 1966 at the age of 79. He was succeeded by his brother Dr. Li Shu Pui in the same year.

Later in life, Dr. Li Shu Fan had expressed, "One of the main philosophic convictions of my life has been the desire to leave the world a little richer than when I found it." If Dr. Li could have known, he would have been very pleased that the world had indeed become better than the circumstances in his days. He had made his share of contribution to the development through his philanthropy.

Dr. Li Shu Fan lived his life to the full with over 40 years of faithful service to the Hospital. The seeds he had sown in 40 years were to blossom in the years to come.

Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Limited
The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation was inaugurated in March 1963 to promote and support medical education, research and charity in Hong Kong. Since its inception, the not-for-profit Foundation has also been a major driving force of the development and improvement of the Hospital in terms of medical research, educational activities and service improvement.

The objectives of the foundation are to promote:
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Number 1
Medical Education
Number 2
Medical Research
Number 3
Medical Charity