Message from the Medical Superintendent

It was the late Dr. Li Shu Pui, my father, who put forward our motto "Quality in Service Excellence in Care" when he was the Medical Superintendent of our Hospital. Today I am happy to say that all staff members of our Hospital are actively pursuing this motto, and in this respect the positive indication is the ever-increasing demands by patients for our services in all spheres of our activities.

From the moment patients enter our Hospital, our staff will extend a warm hand in welcome. They can expect to be treated with great courtesy and looked after efficiently all the way through from registration to discharge. This is what we call "Total Patient Experience", a key concept that sustains our development.

With more new medical centres, more patient beds and expanded space in our  Li Shu Pui Block Phase III, our commitment to continual development is much in evidence. To follow the footsteps of our two former Medical Superintendents, we will always cherish your gracious support and strive for top-notch medical services. 

Dr. Walton Li
Medical Superintendent of HKSH