Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward
Isolation WardIsolation WardIsolation WardIsolation WardIsolation Ward
Isolation WardIsolation Ward

This unit has 4 single rooms, each with the necessary independent facilities with special mechanical ventilation and air conditioning.

  • Each room is built with negative pressure air extraction system to ensure good ventilation while preventing the inward flow of contaminated air
  • An ante-room is available for staff gowning and de-gowning to enhance protection for health care workers and visitors
  • A CCTV system enables close communication with family and friends
  • Automatic doors controlled by touch pads

  • Private toilet with shower facilities
  • Remote control for alarm, light and TV
  • IE Buddy (Bedside Monitor) with access to Internet, Hospital Information and entertainment including local, NOW TV and Satellite TV channels
  • Telephone