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Now on 27/F, 28/F and 29/F of Li Shu Pui Block, the new maternity unit includes Delivery Suite (27/F), New Born Nursery (28/F, 29/F), General Ward (29/F), Semi-Private Single Room (28/F, 29/F), Private Room (28/F) and Suite (28/F). The rooms are exceptionally spacious and thoughtfully designed, providing a safe, pleasant and private place for mothers, newborns and their families.

The Deluxe Suite on 28/F has its own sitting area, dining area, pantry and 2 private washrooms. Amenities like HDTVs, DVD player, refrigerator, microwave oven and electronic safe are within easy reach of the patient. Under the surveillance of a small security device called The Magic Eye, entry to the Suite is monitored by those inside the Suite to avoid any intrusion or disturbance.

Facilities (Suite and Private Room):
  • Sitting Area (Suite only)
  • Dining Area (Suite only)
  • Private Lavatory & Shower Room
  • Amenities including HDTVs and DVD Players, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven and Telephone
  • A Bedside Panel with Built-In Alarm Clock, Nurse call and Light controls
  • A Touch Screen Control for Washroom Lights - Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English and Japanese Interface
  • Local, Now TV & Satellite TV Channels
  • Free Wireless Broadband Internet Access through IE Buddy (Bedside Monitor)
  • Personal Electronic Safe

The introduction of Semi-Private Single Room ensures higher degree of privacy that each mother enjoys a spacious single room and shares washroom facilities with a few other mothers. Each room is specially designed to maintain the privacy of mother and baby while breastfeeding. Besides, each room has a sofa bar for family members.

Each bed in the General Ward is separated from each others by a wall-to-ceiling wooden partition. It helps minimise cross-infection and ensure patient privacy.

Fetal Heart (Cardiotocogram) Monitoring SystemFetal Heart (Cardiotocogram) Monitoring System
In obstetrical care, doctor's monitoring and continuous trace displays of fetus and mother in labour is of vital importance. On top of the existing Fetal Heart (Cardiotocogram) Monitoring System, an advanced version of the System is now in place in the new Maternity Unit. The new version enables doctors to closely monitor fetus and mother and helps ensure patient privacy.
  • Doctors can gain access to his / her patients from any PC on the hospital LAN or remotely via secure connection from home or clinic.
  • Directly linked with maternity unit (delivery suite) of the Hospital, the System provides real-time and continuous fetal and maternal surveillance and alerting, for example, fetal tachycardia and bradycardia. It makes doctors immediately be aware of critical events and take proper actions if needed.
  • To ensure patient privacy, the Hospital incorporated a self-developed security system into the Fetal Heart Monitoring System. Unlike other similar monitoring systems in Hong Kong, an individual HKSH doctor can ONLY access trace displays of his / her own patient(s). It safeguards patient privacy and puts patients' mind at ease.
  • The System was put into service in January 2010.

Baby Security System Baby Security System

In order to prevent infants from being removed from the Maternity Unit without authorisation, the Hospital has introduced a Baby Security System in its new Maternity Unit, which is first of its kind in Hong Kong.
  • Every infant wears a Hugs tag on the ankle and every exit point of the Maternity Unit is electronically monitored to detect the tag. Only family and hospital staff can move infants freely within the protected zone. If anyone removes an infant without authorisation, the system will alert hospital staff.
  • The Hugs tag contains a tiny radio transmitter. Once activated, the tag emits a special Heartbeat signal every 10 seconds. These signals indicate that the tag is presented in the protected zone and is functioning.
  • If a tag in close proximity to an open exit is detected by the door monitors, an alarm occurs and the door will be locked.
  • If a tag has been cut, an alarm occurs.

Mother-baby Matching System
To ensure babies are correctly matched with their mothers every time they meet, the Hospital also installed the Mother-baby Matching System in its new Maternity Unit. By wearing a small and comfortable Kisses tag, each mother is bonded with her infant's Hugs tag at birth and for the duration of their hospital stay. Every time when the two are brought together (e.g. breastfeeding), an audible signal from the infant's tag will automatically alert staff members of any case of mismatch.

Technology Enhances Safety
The IE Buddy also brings an array of functions that help enhance patient safety to a great extent. HKSH is proud to be the first hospital in Hong Kong to introduce this system to patients and service users.

(A) Viewing of Clinical Information
  • Patient Assessment Form
  • Allergy (if any)
  • Radiological images & reports
  • Laboratory results
  • Histopathology results
  • Nuclear medicine & PET reports
  • Patient record

(B) Verification/ Data Entry/ Ordering

  • Bedside medication verification
  • Patient assessment/ record data entry*
  • Laboratory test ordering*
  • Radiology exam ordering*
  • Medication ordering*

* Upcoming IE Buddy functions

(C) Health Education
Patients can view at bedside a series of health education videos and feature articles produced by the hospital, which are informative and entertaining.

(D) Communication/ Entertainment/ Information
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Various TV channels (including HD TV)
  • Catering menu