33/F & 35/F Private Rooms

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33/F & 35/F Private Rooms
  33/F & 35/F Private Room33/F & 35/F Private Room33/F & 35/F Private Room

The private rooms on 33/F, 35/F, 36/F and 37/F promise an unprecedented hospital experience to patients and their visitors. Not to make patients feel restrained, all rooms are in full view of the breathtaking and expansive spectacle of Happy Valley. With sunlight streaming through the long window panes into the spacious and well-ventilated interiors, patients staying in our private rooms can recover in a relaxed environment. Each room has a two-layered curtain that deflects sunlight without interfering with the view and a comfortable waiting area is available to accommodate visitors during their visits.

  • Two-layered Curtain that can deflect sunlight without interfering with the view
  • Private Lavatory and Shower Room (installed with stainless handrail to assist mobility, and nurse emergency call)
  • 47-inch TV and DVD player
  • Local, NOW TV and satellite TV networks
  • Free Broadband and Internet Services
  • Wardrobe behind the sliding door
  • Personal Electronic Safe
  • Telephone