37/F Ellen Suite

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37/F Ellen Suite
37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite
37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite37/F Ellen Suite  
37/F Ellen Suite

The Suite is named in honour of the late Dr. Ellen Li, the wife of Dr. Li Shu Pui, the late Medical Superintendent of the Hospital. With an area of over 2,000 square feet, the Ellen Suite includes:
  • A whole room for patient with its own private lavatory and washroom
  • A spacious sitting area with a 70-inch HDTV (smaller models available in the patient's and companion room)
  • A 8-person dining area
  • A open kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave oven
  • A companion room with its own private lavatory and washroom
  • A lavatory for visitors

While most rooms and wards can oversee the expansive view of Happy Valley, the Ellen Suite on 37/F enjoys the best skyline. Features common to all rooms are also available in the Ellen Suite. Homey and spacious, cozy and technologically advanced, the Ellen Suite brings one an unprecedented and unparalleled hospital accommodation.

Facilities :
  • Amenities including DVD Player, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven and Telephone
  • A Bedside Panel with Built-In Alarm Clock, Nurse call and Light controls
  • Auto Lights
  • Remotely-Controlled Layered Curtains
  • A Touch Screen Control for Washroom Lights - Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English and Japanese Interface
  • Local, Now TV & Satellite TV Channels
  • Personal Electronic Safe
On top of comfort and convenience, the Suite's security is redoubled with the magic eye and two automatic doors. The magic eye is a small security device, by which the patient and his/her companion can monitor, recognise and communicate with those outside the Suite through a small screen. Once entry is approved, the main door will open automatically, and then one just has to lightly press a touch pad with built-in sensors to pass through the second door inside. The double-door setup guarantees maximum security to the patient and his/her companion with high-level surveillance.