24-hour Outpatient Service

  24-hour Outpatient Service
HKSH Family Medicine and Primary Care Centre is a centre for post-graduate training of doctors in Family Medicine accredited and recognised by the Hong Kong College of Family Medicine. The Centre provides 24-hour general outpatient service including Sundays and public holidays and is designed for the maximum comfort and privacy of patients in the course of consultation. Number of Resident Medical Officers has also been increased to accommodate patient need. 

Other than general outpatient service, experienced Hospital consultants of various specialties, such as Orthopaedics, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Cardiology and Obstetrics & Gynaecology can be accessed 24 hours a day for consultation. It can be referred by Resident Medical Officers if consultation is needed outside service hours. Special service packages are also available for emergency surgeries.
Fully Equipped and Thoughtfully Designed
  • The Reception Office is located near the main entrance for convenient access.
  • The waiting areas are spacious with comfortable seats.
  • There are 8 well-equipped consultation rooms and 2 treatment rooms. The treatment rooms are equipped with operating tables and lights, oxygen, suction, cautery, cardiac monitors and other resuscitation facilities. Minor surgeries such as suturing, removal of foreign bodies and plastering are performed here.
  • Our pharmacy is conveniently located next to the Reception.
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How Do You Consult a Doctor?

Step   1Preliminary Influenza AssessmentPreliminary Influenza Assessment
All patients will have their body temperature checked. They will also need to fill the "Influenza H1/ H5 Assessment Form". Those with compatible clinical features and epidemiological links would receive clinical management as instructed by the government.
Step   2RegistrationRegistration
Every patient should get a numbered ticket on the reception desk. The reception staff will proceed to registration in numerical order. Hong Kong Identity Card, birth certificate or valid travel document should be presented.
Step   3Patient PassPatient Pass
During registration, each is given a Patient Pass that includes his/ her basic information including name, gender and the first three digits of his/ her Hong Kong Identity Card number. Patients are required to present the Pass before any procedures, such as assessment, consultation and collection of medicine. This allows our staff members to verify the identity of patients.
Step   4 Preliminary Assessment by NursePreliminary Assessment by Nurse
Nurses will carry out a preliminary assessment of the patient's condition. Patients will have their vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature checked.
Step   5 Waiting for ConsultationWaiting for Consultation
Before consultation, patients will stay in the waiting area opposite to the Nurses Station.
Step   6 ConsultationConsultation
As arranged by our nurses, patients are ushered into the consultation room to see the doctors.
Step   7Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions
In case of emergency, such as accidental injury, burn and fracture, consultation will be carried out in the treatment room as arranged by our nurses.
Step   8InvestigationInvestigation
If investigations such as X-Ray or blood tests are needed, patients will be sent to the respective departments for the procedure as arranged by our nurses.
Step   9InjectionInjection
Injections are carried out in the injection room.
Step   10Payment & Medicine CollectionPayment & Medicine Collection
After consultation, patients who need medications are directed to the waiting area opposite to the pharmacy. The pharmacy is where patients make payment for the consultation and medication. It is also where they collect their medicines. Our staff at the pharmacy will explain to patients on the medication directions and the side effects of the medicines if there is any.


Travel Health Advice
Travelling should be an enjoyable experience, and nothing is more miserable than getting sick while sightseeing overseas. The difference between enjoyment and misery is just a little preparation before travel.

According to a local survey, around 7-41% of Hong Kong resident travellers experienced health-related problems during travel or after return. Three-fifths of the health-related problems, such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain and nausea, are preventable. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. To minimise risk of infection during travelling, nothing is more crucial than taking appropriate measures in personal, food and environmental hygiene.

Travellers are advised to make appointment for a basic body check-up with their Family Physicians or Travel Health Centres 4 to 6 weeks before travel. Medical advice should be sought regarding necessary vaccinations or prophylaxes. Moreover, if symptoms like fever, persistent diarrhoea, vomiting, jaundice, urinary disturbances and skin problems occur within 3 months after return, medical advice should be solicited.

Travellers can receive a one-stop service of body check-up, vaccination administration and prescriptions at the Outpatient Department.

Please note that vaccinations against Japanese Encephalitis (JE), Cholera, Plague and Yellow Fever are not available in the Hospital. Our Resident Medical Officers may refer those who need certain vaccinations to other specialised centres.
For more information about healthy travel and vaccinations, please visit the following websites:
Port Health Travel Health Centre:http://www.travelhealth.gov.hk
World Health Organisation:http://www.who.int/topics/travel/en/