Seminars / Symposiums

The Hospital has been organising seminars and symposiums to serve as an education and training platform for the medical professionals to exchange knowledge and experience, and to acquire the latest medical practice in wide-ranging specialties.

Dr. Li Shu Fan Oration
First held in 2012 and endowed by Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation, the annual Dr. Li Shu Fan Oration features orators of prominence with significant contribution to and insight in the betterment of the community. In line with Dr. Li Shu Fan’s philosophical conviction, i.e. “to leave the world a littler richer than when I found it”, each year the Oration features a healthcare-related presentation by an illustrious member in the profession or society.
 2019Professor Sophia CHANVision to lead • Mission to serve, for a better tomorrow 
2018Professor Gabriel M. LEUNGAcademic Public Health's Forrest Gump
2017Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet Ngor“My Vision for Hong Kong’s Healthcare System”
2016The Hon. WONG Yan LungNo, Not Even the Slightest Laxity: It's the Rule of Law
2015Prof. Joseph J.Y.SUNGA Doctor For The Nation
2014Dr. Fung Kwok King, VictorHong Kong’s Future Competitive Advantage as a Services Hub
2013Prof. Lee Sum PingFuture of Healthcare
2012Dr. The Hon. Leong Che HungPrivate Hospital Services: Past, Present and Future – A Tribute to Dr. Li Shu Fan

Li Shu Pui Symposium
In celebration of HKSH’s 90th Anniversary, the first Li Shu Pui Symposium 2012 – Contemporary Medical Practice was conducted with great success on 17 June 2012. Set as an annual event, the Symposium is committed to the promotion of the latest medical practice in wide-ranging specialties. Each year it features the Li Shu Pui Lecture, which is delivered by an illustrious clinical specialist of international renown.

Setting its sights on being a centre of excellence, the Hospital always keeps abreast of the latest medical advances. And with the Li Shu Pui Symposium as a constructive platform, the Hospital reaffirms its commitment to promoting academic sharing among medical professionals as well as towards the public the latest medical developments.
2022Dr. Gabriel LEUNG
Executive Director (Charities and Community)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Looking Forward by Looking Back: A Centennial Legacy that Informs the Next Century of Hong Kong Medicine
2021Prof. YUEN Kwok Yung From SARS-03 to COVID-19: A Crystal Ball View
2019Dr. Michael D. STUBBLEFIELD, MD
Medical Director, Cancer Rehabilitation, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
National Medical Director, ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation, Select Medical
Clinical Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Cancer Rehabilitation – State of Art
2018Dr. Mark ALBERTS , MD, FAHA
Physician-in Chief
Ayer Neuroscience Institute, Hartford Health
CareChief, Department of Neurology, Hartford Hospital
Connecticut, USA
Acute Stroke Services and Management Strategies
2017Dr. Joost NUYTTENS, MD, PHD
Program Director of Robotic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Department of Radiation Oncology of Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Expanded Roles of Radiotherapy in Modern Cancer Treatment
2016Dr. Foad NAHAI, MD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Emory University Atlanta USA
Ambulatory Medical Practice – Safe & Efficient
2015Dr. Peter Paul YU
Immediate-Past President of American Society of Clinical Oncology
Director of Cancer Research at Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Emerging Challenges to Cancer Care: Global Oncology and Health Information Technology
2014Prof. Peter V CHIN-HONG, UCSFUpdate on Infectious Diseases and Implications for Clinical Practice
2013Prof. Dieter Enzmann, M.D., Leo G. Rigler Chair and Professor of Radiology,
the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
How MR is Changing Medical Decisions
2012Prof. Michael M. Graham, Director of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology,
The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
PET in Contemporary Medical Practice

HKSH Symposium on Advances in Cancer Treatment
The Symposium aims to provide a forum where advances and best practices in multi-modality cancer management, spanning from diagnosis to treatment, from clinical research to practical care management, are discussed and shared with clinical health professionals with an ultimate goal to improve the well-being of cancer patients in Hong Kong and elsewhere.
YearFocus Area
2020Precision Medicine in Oncology Treatment
2019New Frontiers in MR-Guided Radiotherapy
2017Confidence in Motion – CyberKnife SBRT
2014Proton Therapy: Redefining the Future of Cancer Treatment

10th Anniversary Oration of the Cardiology Centre and Cardiac Catheterization & Intervention Centre
In celebration of 10th anniversary of the Cardiology Centre and Cardiac Catheterization & Intervention Centre of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, the 10th Anniversary Oration was held on 9 October 2014 to share experience of interventional cardiology and the challenges for the future.
2014Prof. Jeffrey J. Popma
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Interventional Cardiology - Past, Present and Future