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Siemen Biograph mPET – CT

Always with diagnostic excellence in mind and patient comfort at heart, the Department has just installed the Asia's first molecular CT - Siemens Biograph mPET-CT to elevate its already exceptional PET capacity. This new system promises routine PET-CT scan in only 5 minutes with contrast 4 times higher than conventional PET-CT scanners. With superfast acquisition time and unparalleled contrast, the mPET-CT is an ideal choice for tumor delineation and perfusion studies at a much lower injected dose.

In respect of patient care and comfort, the mPET-CT has an oversized 78-cm bore and short tunnel. The large, open scanning zone thus provided helps alleviate claustrophobia and render better positioning for all kinds of patients. Lying comfortably and easily while scanning, patients are also spared from unnecessary pre-and post spiral radiation.