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The Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation and the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) jointly launched “Women’s Heart Health Subsidy Scheme”

The Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation (the Foundation), in collaboration with the HKSH Cardiology Centre (HKSH CC), have jointly launched the “Women’s Heart Health Subsidy Scheme” (the Scheme) with a donation of HK$5 million from the Foundation in 2023. The funding will be used to subsidise female patients to undergo cardiac examinations and, if necessary, coronary stenting procedures.
Women in need can apply for the subsidy through a doctor’s referral. The applications will be assessed and approved by the medical team of the HKSH CC based on the patient’s condition, financial status, and anticipated improvement in quality of life after the operation.
In support of the Scheme, eligible patients are offered concessionary rates for hospital charges and consultation fees from the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and by participating doctors. The Foundation provides subsidies for two pre-operative consultations, one post-operative consultation, and specific examinations prior to the operation, while patients are responsible for covering the charges of the oral medications prescribed at HKSH CC. For coronary stenting procedures, patients are required to pay HK$40,000. In addition to that, they will need to cover the fees for meals and prescribed oral medication during hospitalisation. The Foundation will subsidise the rest of the hospitalisation expenses.
For enquiries, please contact us via email: CHHFSS-Enquiry@hksh.com