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HKSH Releases MR Linac Clinical Research for Localised Prostate Cancer

(16 June 2022, Hong Kong) A clinical study by HKSH Medical Group (HKSH) found that the combination of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) and magnetic resonance-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT) offers the potential for achieving better treatment outcome for prostate cancer patients. The research was published as Asia’s first MR Linac clinical study for localised prostate cancer in Cancers, a journal of oncology.
The study is aimed to understand the clinical results of using MR Linac treatment for prostate cancer patients in terms of post-treatment side effects and quality of life. The results show that the side effects during and after the treatment are generally mild, patients can maintain good quality of life and resume normal functions in urinary, bowel, hormonal and sexual domains shortly after the treatment.
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