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Launch Ceremony for the Exhibition of “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital” Serving Patients • Nurturing Talents • Driving Innovations

(16 September 2022, Hong Kong) Over the past century, t he growth of the Hong Kong S anatorium & Hospital (HKSH) has been intricately bound with that of Hong Kong and the neighbouring region. In celebrati on of its 100 th anniversary , HKSH today hosted the Launch Ceremony for the E xhibition titled “The Centenary of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hos pital” (the Exhibition ) at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences (HKMMS) .

Building upon the vision and mission of Dr L I Shu Fan , the founding father and former Medical Superintendent of HKSH , the devotion of HKSH to patients as well as the commitment t o advancing clinical excellence and medical educati on continues to this day. The Exhibition will take audience on a journey through a hundred - year history of HKSH as an integral part of Hong Kong’s medical development. Sh edding light on HKSH’s contribution s to healthcare services, medical education, and clinical research in the past century, the Exhibition shows how HKSH embraced opportunities and challenges to further medical sciences and provide total patient care in the community.

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