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The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation celebrates 60-years of success in fostering medical education and research in Hong Kong

(3 March 2023, Hong Kong) HKSH Medical Group (“HKSH”) today commemorated the 60th anniversary of The Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation (“the Foundation”) with a Logo Wall Unveiling Ceremony (the unveiling ceremony) announcing the launch of the Foundation’s new logo.

Inaugurated in 1963 by Dr LI Shu Fan, one of the founding members and former Medical Superintendent of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, the Foundation was endowed with Dr LI’s entire shareholding in Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (“the Hospital”), which amounted to 83% of the total ownership and was devoted to purposes conceived on the same broad principles as Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, which was set up in Minnesota in the 1860s. During its initial phase, the main focus of the Foundation was to support medical education, such as by providing scholarships to undergraduates and postgraduates in medicine and to postgraduates for medical research. The Foundation also supported charitable medical services. In celebrating this significant 60-year milestone, HKSH has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to pursuing the aims of the Foundation by advancing medical education and medical research and supporting medical charitable services in Hong Kong and beyond.

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